The Lineup:

Body Love

Open Mic

The Lineup:

May 31st, 2020

The Body Love Open Mic: 

What: An open venue for people to share art about how great bodies are

Why? We are exposed to thousands of images/ads/narratives every day, and the majority of them promote a specific body ideal: thin, hairless, white, able-bodied, cisgender, straight,  euro-centric, young... with only slight variations. When we see these images everyday, it wires the neurons in our brains to see that as the ideal body.

As a body liberation coach, my goal is to support us to retrain our brains to let go of that messaging and learn to accept and love our bodies just as they are.

The open mic is one approach to retraining our brains and reclaiming the narrative about bodies: we'll hear a whole slew of pro-body messages, and my hope is that we’ll leave feeling all the love.

1. Your MC: Talia Cooper 


2. Cynthia Manick:

3. Eli Conley:

4. Queeniyah:


5. Brooke Michael Smith

6. Mel Soul

Mini break

7. Meha Davé

8. Idrissa

9. Tilda Marie

  • Instagram: @tildamariesings

  • Just released single: “So Devine" about self care. Available on all music platforms, like Spotify.

  • Tilda is also a career coach who would like to offer a session to the folks on this zoom! Email her to set it up:


10. Jesse Loren Strickman

11. Baruch Porras Hernandez


Raffle drawing & 15 min shake-it body love dance party

Thanks for supporting the Body Love Open Mic! $25-$5 sliding scale donation requested. Venmo: @Talia-Cooper. Paypal: 25% of proceeds will go to the amazing group National Bailout. Consider making an additional gift to them!

Thank you to Ally Thurman and Jess Teitelman for helping out with the tech.

Thank you to Ray Shea for designing the body love quote slides. You can hire Ray for your design needs too!

Collective body love actions:

About the Raffle:

Raffle Details:

  • Everyone in the zoom at the end will be automatically entered into the raffle

  • There will be 2 raffle winners! 

  • Each will win a "Golden Ticket" aka a free 45 coaching session, which may be used for the winner or a friend of their choosing

  • The winner will receive the gift certificate with a personalized link that can only be used once to schedule their session 

  • Current clients are also eligible for the raffle, but the free session must be an additional session, (ie if you’re on the twice a month coaching track, you can use the free session to add a 3rd session one awesome month)

  • Good luck!

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