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Thanksgiving Reminders

Holidays are coming, and whether or not you celebrate, you might have some feelings. Feelings about family, the pandemic, colonialism... and feelings about food and your body.

So regarding food and body, here are some reminders:

  • You are allowed to enjoy your food

  • You do not have to engage in body-shaming talk

  • It is normal for people to look different from one year to the next

  • You are allowed to eat as much as you want

On eating a lot of food:

  • It means nothing other than that you ate a lot food

  • This is a normal thing that happens sometimes

  • It does not mean you now have to "fix it" or "make up for it" (beforehand or afterwards)

  • You might have a tummy-ache. This does not mean anything bad about you. People get tummy-aches. You can stroke your belly and drink water til you feel better

Sending body love!


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