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Who is Coaching For?

I've recently had a few people ask me about my "typical client" so I thought I'd share: I work with a wide range of folks including people who are:

  • in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50, 60s, and 70s

  • cisgender men and women, transgender men and women, and nonbinary folks

  • Black, white, Asian, Latinx, and multiracial

  • fat, thin, plus-size and "I don't know what size I am"

  • Able-bodied and disabled

  • working, middle and owning class

  • living all over the U.S.

This is not an aspirational list; it's who I actually work with.

What kind of coaching?

  • Body Coaching: About 60% of my clients are Body Liberation Coaching clients; people working on healing the relationship to food and body

  • Life Coaching: 40% are life/professional coaching clients; people who are working towards goals for life/career/art/love

  • And a few people do a little of both

I'm really proud of having such diverse clientele, but I'm not saying this to toot my own horn. I'm sharing this because if you've wondered if I work with someone like you, the answer is: likely, and you can schedule a free call to find out if we'd be a good fit.

Image of a painting that says "You Belong" by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

One other thing: I go all in on my coaching. That means my clients get:

  • Personalized notes: After every session I send key notes, takeaways and homework (if desired), so that you can review them anytime you want.

  • Flexible timing: Have you ever been in therapy and had a big realization only to have to end 5 minutes later? My coaching sessions last between 45-60 minutes, and I don't book back to back, which means if you need a little extra time, you get it.

  • An accountability buddy/loving challenger/cheerleader: I'm here to help you hold the big vision of what you're going for. I make it my job to remember your hopes, dreams, challenges and values. I listen closely and ask the questions you might not ask yourself.

  • Sacred space: Before each session I meditate on who you are, who you're becoming, and what an honor it is to know you. I remember that you are so much more than "my client." You are a whole universe.

  • Zoom-free time: Most of my 1:1 sessions take place by phone. Clients say they come to love the experience of taking coaching calls from a hammock, a bed, or while walking or stretching.

  • Communication between sessions: You are always welcome to text or email between sessions. I've been known to send supportive messages or even surprise gifts in the mail.

If you've been thinking of trying out coaching, you can sign up for the introductory coaching package. The current rate is available until Feb 1.


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