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Image by Chris Lawton

Transition Coaching for Endings and Beginnings

I coach people during transition periods to harness the limbo experience into something transformative. Transition Coaching supports clients in more smoothly integrating their change into the rest of their life.


For Individuals:

Life transitions can be a challenging period; faced with the unknown, we find ourselves asking, “Who am I? What does this mean? Will I be ok?” But transitions offer us the ultimate blessing: the opportunity to transform into the person we’ve been wanting to become. Whether you're considering a transition in career, relationship, or something else, reach out to see if my program is right for you.

For Organizations:

Schools and fellowships invest years of training in their participants, yet the ending can feel like a sudden break. I partner with programs to offer eight individual coaching sessions to their graduating participants. In addition to the obvious benefit to the client this process can create lifelong loyalty to the program itself.

Contact me for details on my Transition to Transformation methodology.

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