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I am available to lead the following workshops for your group. Workshops are primarily offered online, though special arrangements can sometimes be made for in person. Contact me for details on pricing or customization.

Intro to Body Love

"Body Positivity" has become a trendy topic. But where does body negativity actually come from? How do we individually and collectively build towards liberation? This workshop creates a shame-free space to examine societal messages and our relationships with our bodies.


OMG People Are Seeing My Body Again!

Practical Tools for How to Cope

In this pandemic world, body image feelings abound! Learn where negative body image comes from how to navigate with self-love and more ease.


Body Love Creative Writing Workshop

Part of body liberation work is about creating new stories to replace the old. This workshop interweaves body love teaching with writing tips and community building. Participants leave with a first draft of a song or poem. Co-led with singer/ songwriter/ teaching artist

Eli Conley. For poets and songwriters of all levels.


How to Set Self-Loving Resolutions that Last

An opportunity to set intentions for any kind of new beginning. Resolutions often revolve around weight-loss and body dissatisfaction. This workshop sets up possibilities for a different way to enter a new period.


Centering Values

This workshop offers the opportunity to learn what matters most to you. When we uncover our deepest values, we gain access to the best version of ourselves and our lives. The workshop culminates in the creation of art or ritual to help regularly return to values.

This workshop is not specific to body liberation work.

Workshops clients include:​

  • La Clínica de la Raza

  • Jewish Youth for Community Action

  • The Jewish Social Justice Roundtable

  • The Resiliency Roundtable

  • Hebrew College

  • Kesher Pittsburgh

  • Cal Hillel

  • Rubicon

  • Feminism All Night

  • Mitsui Collective

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