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The Lineup:

Body Love

Open Mic

Oct 4th, 2020

The Body Love Open Mic

The Body Love Open Mic is an open venue for people to share art about how great bodies are.

The open mic will run for ~90 minutes, including a brief break and concluding with a mini dance party.

Performance slots are now full, but contact me to perform at a future one (they happen ~ 2x/year)


We are exposed to thousands of images/ads/narratives every day, and the majority of them promote a specific body ideal: thin, hairless, white, able-bodied, cisgender, straight,  euro-centric, young... with only slight variations. When we see these images everyday, it wires our brains to see that as the ideal.


As a body liberation coach, my goal is to support us to retrain our brains to let go of that messaging and learn to accept and love our bodies as they are.

The open mic is one approach to retraining our brains and reclaiming the narrative about bodies.  We'll hear a slew of pro-body messages, and leave feeling the love.

The Lineup


Mel Saavedra

Mel is a healing justice activist, organizational development consultant, coach, certified yoga teacher and somatics practitioner who accepts individual & group coaching clients, and facilitates safe spaces for people of color and Restorative Conversations for individuals and within organizations.  Reach out:


Your host: Talia Cooper

Learn more about the upcoming Body Love cohort: 

I Have a Body!

Follow Talia: InstagramFacebook


Kate Thomas

If you'd like to connect with Kate:


Mel Soul

Find Mel's music wherever

music is streamed!




Check out Revolt's website & new album:



Hear more of Maia's music & 

follow her journey into 2021:



Seed the Vote

Thank you to Rose Mendelsohn for sharing about Seed the Vote.

Learn more and get involved.



Take care of yourself!

And/or play a few rounds of Would You Rather. :)


April Biggs

April Biggs is a disabled, queer, Southern dance artist & writer. She presents choreography under the moniker Biggs & Co. and is currently on the Disability+ Working Group of Creating New Futures. April teaches dance throughout the US & in academia. April is a published dance critic and poet and runs a writing

collective in Brooklyn. Follow April on Instagram.


Anna Limontas-Salisbury

Poetry coming to you from New York.


Julie Hart



Follow @thischairrocks on Twitter & Instagram & FacebookWebsite.

Ashton's book: This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism,

is available in paperback & audio/e-book


Katie Wise

Katie Wise & Bhakti Explosion:

on SpotifyFacebookInstagram


Larrie Noble

Bay Area: Larry plays at the Alameda Cinema Grill

every Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Follow him on facebook.


Alyxander James & Ethan Lyn

Music coming to you from Chicago.


Pajama Dance Party!

Let's shake it!

P.s You can join a mini body love dance party 

every thursday!

Thank you!

Huge gratitude to the Body Love Open Mic tech team:

Jess Teitelman and Ally Thurman.

The event would not be possible without their help!

Check out Jess' upcoming liberation event!

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