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Find body peace

After an initial call, I intersperse shame-free coaching with a series of learning modules tailored just for you. Modules may include:

  • Intuitive Eating: how to honor your body's hunger signals

  • Health At Every Size: detaching health from body shape/size

  • Intuitive Movement: what kind of movement brings you joy?

  • Renegotiating Beauty: examining your relationship to attractiveness and personal style and envisioning what's next

  • Privilege and Oppression: a look at how the different identities you hold have impacted your body feelings

  • Purpose: after releasing food and body shame, you'll have more time and energy— what are you most called to do?

I also offer coaching on a variety of topics including:

  • finding romantic partnership

  • making new friends

  • reconnecting to creativity

  • finding one's role in social change work

  • finding one's role in climate justice work

  • job transitions

  • anything else you can dream of

Transition Coaching:

Learn more about going from Transition to Transformation here.

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For your organization or business

I am available to lead workshops and presentations for your group. I have led people of all ages, from teenagers to adults, both in person and online. 

Past topics have included:

  • Body Liberation and Fatphobia

  • Introduction to Intuitive Eating

  • Body Love Creative Writing Workshop (with Eli Conley)

  • Centering Values

  • How to Set Self-Loving Resolutions That Last

  • How to Say Goodbye


Contact me for more details.

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For groups of 3 or more

Group coaching is a powerful way to learn and grow. Together we go through the body liberation or transition learning modules and have space for coaching while being witnessed by supportive peers. The group experience offers an opportunity for maximum empowerment. Groups mostly takes place online, but I am available to lead in person in Oakland, California. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact me with "Group Coaching" in the subject line to be added to the waitlist. I can also schedule group coaching for any group of 3 or more.

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