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Things I Know to be True

I recently read Lindley Ashline’s newsletter where she reminds us that “Every kind of oppression is a body liberation issue.”

She's right. Because the two main sites where oppression occurs are the body and the land.

Some things I know to be true during this time of conflict:

  1. All bodies are good bodies

  2. All bodies deserve dignity, respect, and freedom

  3. Bodies need space to feel grief, fear, and anger

  4. Violence on bodies leads to more violence on bodies

  5. There are a thousand alternatives to war, if we’re creative enough to see them

As for me personally; I am grateful some hostages and prisoners will be returned soon, and desperate for everyone to get to go home safely. I am grateful for a pause and desperate for a permanent ceasefire. Israelis and Palestinians (and all of us) deserve peace.

An image of two hands holding flowers

.A few other things I want to say, for now, as a body liberation coach:

  1. I have space for you and your feelings, even if we disagree

  2. You do not need to downplay whatever else you are going through even though hard things are happening in the world. Your experiences matter

  3. If you are feeling like your struggles with food or exercise or body image have increased lately, it’s okay. It makes sense. These are hard times. Be gentle with yourself

  4. It’s okay to not have everything figured out

  5. It’s okay to have mixed feelings

Here’s a previous post on emotional eating, in case that’s coming up for you.

I’ll share more thoughts on the conflict another time, most likely on my Instagram instead of here on the blog.

In the meantime, how’s your body doing? Any unclenching available to you?




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