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You + Your Body =

How much time have you spent struggling with food? Or worrying what your body looks like?

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Hey, I'm Talia.

I'm a certified life coach and body liberation coach. I help people build trust with their bodies so they can free up the time and mental energy that goes towards struggling with negative body image and challenging food relationships.


I want you to get to live your full life.

I used to spend time everyday frowning at my reflection, wishing I looked smaller, and controlling my food and exercise to try to make that happen. It took a lot of my focus. I thought this was an issue I'd have to shoulder the rest of my life, but that turned out not to be true. 

If you've been struggling with food and body image–it's not your fault! We've been given very few tools for dealing with it. Fortunately, I've spent the last 6+ years collecting beautiful tools and I want to share them with you. 


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Wow wow wow! Over this past year, I've gotten to participate in Talia's "I Have a Body" cohort and I've also experienced her as a coach and teacher in other spaces as well. Each time I come away feeling inspired and impressed by her presence, thoughtfulness, expert facilitation skills, depth of content, immaculate presentations, clear communications, integrity, kindness and humanity.

If you're looking for a great facilitator or coach, look no further - Talia is a superstar!

Keshira, I Have a Body! participant



Learn more about intuitive eating and Body Liberation Coaching




Shana, Body liberation coaching client:

I used to spend a lot of time trying to be thinner, and it made me feel bad about food and my body.  Then I realized this would go on forever unless I actually did something about it. So I began working with Talia on learning to eat intuitively, move in a way that feels good, and make peace with my body.   Through the coaching process detangled the desire for thinness from my life, so that now I eat what I want to and feel good about it! Recently I went to the gym in shorts, which was something I always wanted to do but utterly FEARED. Turns out, I didn’t even think about how I looked-- I just felt good moving my body in comfortable clothes. I feel so free. Because of this work I've regained confidence, energy, and space in my brain. Talia has a genuine presence and offers a nice balance of resources, kind connection and professionalism. I have referred many friends to work with Talia for body liberation coaching and life coaching as well.

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You're a badass warrior by day and body worrier by night

  • You analyze your reflection and all photos for your "problem areas"

  • You have tried new diets, wellness initiatives, and cleanses to lose weight

  • You feel scared that you're eating "wrong" and are often preoccupied by food

  • You're curious to explore health from a weight-neutral perspective

  • You don't like your body but as an empowered feminist you feel like you're supposed to love it

  • You feel like you don't have time to deal with food and body stuff because you're too busy raising kids, fighting climate change, ending racialized violence, electing progressive leaders, making art, running a business, building community... but a part of you wishes something could change...

If any of those resonate with you, reach out for a Free Intro Call so we can determine if this is a good fit.

Imagine what it would be like if you woke up tomorrow and felt at peace in your body.

Emma & La Clinica De La Raza

I spent months searching for a trainer who could help our team explore the issue of negative body image and give us tangible skills for addressing these concerns with patients in a way that aligned with our commitment to body liberation. As such, I was so thrilled to find Talia - she covered all this need and more! During our 90-minute training, Talia was magically able to cover so much ground, from the racist history of fatphobia to basics of fatphobia in the medical field, to practical scenarios that allowed our team to practice. Throughout the entire time, Talia held space for our group to share and beautifully shifted the training plan to meet what they brought up. Our team walked away not just with skills that will help them better support and empower their patients, but also with a feeling of community and energy.  I HIGHLY recommend Talia as a facilitator/trainer!


STEP 1: Schedule a free 20 minute call to find out if we vibe. If we're not an amazing fit, I'll share other resources to help you get what you need.

STEP 2: I'll send you a welcome email with a link to schedule. You'll find us a time for session 1, fill out the new client forms and submit payment via venmo or paypal.

STEP 3: Begin your journey! 

I always used to think of coaching as something that was useful but out of my reach—not really my thing. But I’m just so grateful because these sessions have been really helpful. 


I was looking back at our notes from our first call and realized just how many of the things that we talked about—even things that have been hard in the past— are positively moving forwards right now. I’m like, 'What do you mean this coaching actually works?!'

Thanks for your help Talia. Your pebbles have caused many ripples and I really value the work you do. If I take a moment to realize how many parts of my life are being affected by this work it’s just beautifully overwhelming.

Ariana, Life coaching client

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