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Body Liberation Coaching

Intuitive Eating + Body Image support

Body image got you down?

What if this year you chose to respect and accept your body, instead of fighting it? 

Body anxiety is increasing-- the combination of the pandemic, changing bodies, and all the other stuff going on in the world is causing some extra feelings about bodies and food. If you're feeling that, I see you! I used to struggle with food and body stuff all the time, so I get it. This doesn't have to be a challenge forever.

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Hey, I'm Talia.

 I trust my body. I want to live in a world where all bodies are accepted and loved. 


I haven’t always been so into my body. I fluctuated throughout my life between being somewhat neutral to actively hating and trying to control the size of my body through food and exercise.


Then one day, I realized I had a choice: I could continue to try to control my body forever, or I could finally let go. 

Choosing body acceptance felt like freedom. Well not initially but after some excellent coaching I felt more closely aligned with who I wanted to be. Now I wear clothes and eat food and see pictures of myself and none of that messes up my day. I just get to be me. I want that for you! It is our birthright to love and be in relationship with our bodies. 

Apply now.

My experience:

  • 7+ years coaching 

  • Coach certification through Leadership that Works and the International Coach Federation 

  • 20+ years as a social change activist

  • 38 years having a body

What's possible...

What if it wasn't an endless struggle of scowling in the mirror, trying to eat "healthy," comparing yourself to others and self-judging? What if you could wake up in the morning, wink at your reflection and then go on to just live your life? As a body image coach, that's what I do; provide the support and practical tools you need to do the bold work of accepting your body. Yes it is possible.

Spring Onions

The 9 month coaching package:


12 private coaching sessions, tailored to where you're at. 


12 videos on topics such as How to Eat Intuitively, Understanding Fatphobia & more (lifetime access!).


12 worksheets such as "Responding to Shitty Body Comments in the World" and "Decluttering for Body Liberation"


Access to once a month group coaching calls forever*

*not really forever, but for as long as I decide to offer this. Calls will change times every month to accommodate different schedules and time zones.


Alums of the program get access to alumni content and an alumni coaching rate



Most participants will have the building blocks for intuitive eating in place (it happens faster than you'd think)!


Some clients will come away with a whole new relationship to their body. Some people will feel the beginnings of that. Everyone will gain new language for talking about body image feelings and RELIEF at having shared their struggles with someone who gets it


You will come away with a new set of tools for addressing body image challenges when they arise.


I was growing more and more insecure about my ability to take care of my health and I was in full blown perfectionism diet mode. ​Fortunately, I reached out to Talia. Talia is so open and non-judgmental. She is a gentle teacher who believes me.  One of the biggest moments I experienced is when I realized that I was completely ignoring my mouth when it came to deciding, intuitively, what I wanted to eat. Talia helped me realize that through all the years of dieting and being too poor to afford food I wanted, I had cut my mouth out of the equation. I am taking back my mouth. I am adding pleasure to my life. I am adding full connection to my body. 

—  Jess, North Dakota, Private coaching client

Heart Cookies

Your investment


Payment plans available at no extra cost.


If after our first two sessions this is not for you, I'll reimburse you $2000 for the remaining sessions (plus you can keep the first videos as a bonus gift.)


We will get much further than you think. I practice radical honesty so here's the scoop: for some people this is easier than others.


In my 7 years of coaching people, I've found that the people who have an easier time have 1 or more of these things:

  1.  They've already worked on this some and/or haven't struggled forever: many of my clients have already started their journey learning about body liberation and/or intuitive eating. 

  2. They have a therapist or other healing modalities:  Not everyone needs coaching plus therapy, but some do. Some people take a short break from therapy to dive into coaching and some do them congruently. Many clients come to me because their well-meaning therapist hasn't done their own body image work so they need to talk to someone who gets it for a few months. Coaching is typically short-term, so having some way to keep processing this work (even your own journaling practice) will help. 

  3. They either have some body privilege or already have a body positive community: body privilege means having a body with some of the characteristics that our society worships, such as being thin, white, young, and able-bodied. People who have more of these privileges have less societal prejudice to overcome. That doesn't mean the work is easy, but it is easier. Similarly, people with a strong body positive community also tend to have an easier time because there is already a built in buffer from society.


If you have some or all of these things: you will get freer in your body. It will start during our time together and then keep growing from there. You will trust in your intrinsic ability to determine what, when, and how much to eat without relying on a Frankenstein compilation of food rules you picked up over the years. You will rediscover how to move in ways that feel good. You will know just what to do when you experience body image triggers so that the impact gets less and less.  You won't worry as much about the natural weight fluctuations that occur throughout the seasons and life.  You will find that you think about food less and your life more. You will feel more confident in your skin. You will do less comparing to others. Your eyes will no longer be drawn to the skinniest person in the room. And one day you will realize that all this food and body stuff is just not as loud as it once was, and you'll have space for something more. Sound wild? I get it. But it's true.  It works.

If you have none of these things: if this has been a forever struggle that you have not yet been ready to touch, if you do not have other systems of processing, if you do not have body privilege or a body positive community: that's okay. This stuff is hard and it's not your fault. You will still make big strides in 12 sessions. You will get some of the things above, but it will probably take longer. That is why I offer ongoing access to group coaching (at no extra cost) and a special alumni coaching rate if you want more 1:1 support. If you're not sure if this is a good fit, schedule a free intro call with me. I never try to convince anyone to buy a package.



This is for anyone with a body. My clients identify in a range of ways including: women, men, and nonbinary, in their 20s-70s, working, middle and owning class, abled and disabled, white, Black, Asian, Latinx, and mixed-heritage, thin, fat, mid-size, and "I don't know what size I am."


If you're not sure if this is the right time for you or if we'll be a good fit, schedule a free 20 minute intro call to discuss. This is NOT a sales call. It's a chance to see if we vibe.


I do not accept all clients because I want to make sure it's the right time for you and that I'm the right coach. I review all applications to check for this and respond within a week. If you are not accepted, I will tell you why (and it's not because I don't like you!).


The short answer is that while therapy is typically focused on the past and present, coaching generally focuses on the present and desired future. I refer out to therapists if a client wants to work on something more suited for therapy.

If you’re struggling with body image in these transitional times, it's not your fault. We’ve been given very few tools for dealing with it. Fortunately, I’ve spent the past 5+ years collecting tools and I want to share them with you.

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