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Body liberation new years reflection prompts

This one's for my friends who love a little new year introspection (especially in a weight-neutral framework).  If that's you, get out your journal, cozy up with a friend, or go for a walk with these questions in your back pocket...

Body liberation new years reflection prompts:

In thinking about this year:

  • What new skills did my body learn?

  • What were some times when I had a neutral or positive relationship with my body? What helped make that possible?

  • What were some times when I had a challenging relationship with my body? What were the triggers? (get specific ie:"that particular fitness influencer posting before and after shots on social media" rather than just "social media.")

  • What were some particularly delicious foods I fed my body?

  • How did I find joy in my body?

  • How did I decorate/bedeck my body to honor its full radiant beauty?

  • When did my body feel safe?

An open, empty journal and pencil

In thinking about next year:

  • What blessings do I want to offer my body?

  • How do I want to offer repair to my body when our relationship experiences challenge?

  • What did I learn from this past year that I want to bring into next year?

  • Who in my life supports my body liberation journey? How can I prioritize my connection with them?

  • How can I show up for the liberation of all bodies?

I'd love to know: what else are you reflecting on in the new year?


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