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How to Dance

For all bodies

Next week will be the anniversary of the Body Love Mini Dance Parties! So in honor of this occasion, here is a step by step guide on how to dance. You can also check out the visual version of this post on instagram.

Step 1:

Check in with your body. Say, “Hey body, may I have this dance?”

Step 2:

Listen to your body’s response.

  • If it says, “Nooooo!” Say, “Ok! I still love you!” Then lie down or eat a snack or memorize a funny joke.

  • If your body says, “Maybe!” Ask your body if it wants to try dancing for just a bit, with full permission to stop if it’s not fun. If so, go to step 3.

  • If your body says, “Yessss! I thought you’d never ask!” Then definitely go to step 3.

Step 3:

Visualize how little kids dance. Or if you can't picture it, maybe look it up on YouTube.

Step 4:

Find some music you like, preferably the kind that puts a little wiggle in your step.*

Step 5:

Begin to step*, letting in said wiggle.

Step 6:

Pause to worry: “Oh no! Do I look silly?” Then remind yourself: “Oh wait it doesn't matter!”

Step 7: Continue dancing.

Want to dance? Come join us, every Thursday, just 15 minutes, just dancing.

*I'm using "step" to mean any kind of movement. It does not have to involve feet or standing up.


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