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ZERO Judgement Coaching

Some friends have told me that when it comes to other people’s opinions, becoming a parent helped them adopt a new “Screw the haters” attitude. “I know what’s best for me and my family, so I don’t listen to the noise,” they tell me. I love that! I wish that was me! But to be honest, I’ve struggled with feeling judged in motherhood. This reminds me of how I used to be scared not only of gaining weight, but of people judging me for it, or judging me for wanting to lose weight. That judgement-- whether real or imagined-- made me feel stuck.

Fear of real or perceived judgement makes sense; we're social creatures after all.

Which is why I want to remind you that I take a ZERO JUDGEMENT approach to coaching. I do not judge you if you want to lose weight, I do not judge your body, I do not judge your diet, I do not judge you for struggling with body image, I do not judge you if you don’t feel ready for coaching or intuitive eating, I do not judge you if you set a goal and then don’t do it.

I am NOT here to judge.

I AM here to get curious with you, to hold space, to witness, to cheerlead, to challenge, to remind. But judgy mcjudging? We don’t do that here.

It is in the space of love and compassion where the hard feelings can surface, and the stuckness can start to loosen. And that's where the growth comes in.

What judgements are you working on releasing these days? Where are you longing to grow?


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