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Let's Not Go Back to Normal

With the approach of the new year and the coronavirus vaccine (!), we are already seeing a deluge of encouragement to "lose the quarantine weight," to fix our bodies, to make them go back to "normal."

(image: this is Will Smith holding up a memory eraser in the movie Men in Black. Some people are hoping to take this approach to 2020. Not I!) But I don't want to go back to "normal:"

  • Collectively, I want to remember how to care for each other.

  • Individually, I want to remember how to slow down.

So I don't want to force my body to go back to "normal" either, whatever that means.

I trust my body to help me remember what I've learned, and to carry me through this next year, as it always has.

I trust that my body will do what it needs to do as I continue to grow and heal from these experiences. I am choosing body trust over body control.


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