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Ally's A-Ha Moment

What happens in a body liberation coaching session? It varies!

Sometimes we celebrate! Clients share wins like, “I’m letting myself enjoy food again!” “I thought I looked kinda cute today!” or “I rediscovered the joy of dancing!”

Sometimes we dig into the hard stuff: the grief that comes with releasing control, the painful feelings that come with comparing.

Sometimes we laugh, and sometimes there are tears.

Sometimes we move around, and sometimes we are very still.

Sometimes we focus on learning practical tools to make the journey easier.

And often, there are a-ha moments- when a client realizes something, and it’s like a window opens inside of them. And sometimes it opens something inside of me too.

In one of our coaching sessions, Ally was beginning to redefine her relationship with movement, letting go of limiting beliefs about exercise and embracing joyful ways of moving her body. She realized that she wanted to give herself permission to be awkward, that she didn’t always have to look cool while stretching or dancing. When she said this, I felt my childhood self thanking her for speaking this truth out loud. I asked Ally if we could share this wisdom in the newsletter, and she responded with two beautiful body liberation haikus.

Hope you enjoy Ally's haikus as much as I do.

A Haiku to Move to

I have the right to

dance, walk, bend, stretch, fold, move this

body awkwardly.

A Haiku to Dress to

I have the right to

wear clothes loose, tight, plaid, or bright

on this big body.


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