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Guest blog: a mindful movement wish

I recently met Hannah Husband, a fellow body liberation coach who focuses more on the movement side of things. They send awesome weekly Body Liberation Love Notes, and gave me permission to share this beautiful one with you! Check them out on Instagram too.

From Hannah:

It feels weird in times like these to keep trying to talk about the things I help folks with -- body image, intuitive movement, body trust. And also, I see first hand how a little bit of mindful strength training can be incredibly resourcing. This work of rewiring our relationship to movement is VITAL for times of ongoing stress. Mindful movement can be such a potent way to give us a tiny break from mental loops. Strength training in particular can help us feel sturdy and expand our sense of what we can be with.

I wish you STRENGTH, dear one.


not brute force not armoring but rooted resilience

an ability to stay present with tension


Created consensually in partnership with the body

two friends embarking on an adventure they both desire to go on


finding big hearted compassion for the parts of ourselves we like least

holding ourselves tenderly through it all


as in courage

to trust your own knowing

and follow where it leads

even and especially

when it means forging your own path

May you find the strength you need,


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