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There's No Shame in Wanting to Lose Weight

It's no secret that I take an anti-diet, respect-yourself-as-you-are approach in my work. Sometimes when I talk about body liberation, people tell me they want more body acceptance, but they’re fearful about letting go of the desire to lose weight. I respond with pretty much the same thing every time:

"Of course."

- When most all protagonists are skinny...

- When fat people are the butt of so many jokes...

- When fashion models are tiny...

- When politicians talk about warring against obesity...

- When healthcare providers offer lesser treatments to larger patients...

- When seating in restaurants, airplanes and waiting rooms are designed for smaller bodies...

- When plus-size clothing is still relegated as a specialty item (despite the fact that 68% of U.S women wear larger sizes*) ...

...of course some part of you wants to be ever smaller!

There's no shame in the feeling of wanting to lose weight. This is a by-product of living in a culture that worships thinness, and it's not your fault. Choosing to embark on a body liberation journey doesn't mean you silence the part of you that wants to lose weight. It means engaging with that desire honestly.

This body journey involves feelings of surrender, grief and joy. It is challenging work. That's why I became a coach-- to offer people a safer place to do the hard and beautiful work of body liberation.

Ultimately we are working towards a world where:

- Representation includes people of all shapes, sizes, abilities, genders, ages, races.

- Health and healthcare is affordable and offers best practices to all.

- Communal spaces are designed for all kinds of bodies.

- Fashion is not uniform, but a way for people to artistically represent their true selves.

We can work together to create that world. We can start with you.

What if loving yourself was like flowing down a river, instead of hiking upstream?

My clients are some of the bravest people I know. Not because they are fearless, but because they are honest about what they are afraid of. It's a beautiful place to begin.

*Here's the source for stats on plus-size clothing. (Data missing for men and other genders).


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